Easter time is Düsseldorf time. So this year as last year I will be in a residency in tanzhaus nrw with Juan Carlos Lérida and some of the other x-men, namely Rosanna Terracciano, Vincent Colomes, Karen Mora and François Ceccaldi. We will be working together on Juan Carlos' project “La Liturgia de la Horas”.

Also, I will bring the Orca with me. I will show a new and rather different version of Muntjac oder was ich von einem Wal, einem Reh und einem Hyänenrudel gelernt habe, Kapitel 1: Kasatka. It has been a large investigatory process. I hope to keep investigating it now in open waters, on Saturday, April 20th, 7.15pm at tanzhaus nrw.

After Düsseldorf, Rosanna will pay me a visit in Berlin to collaborate on one of her short films of her series A Quiet Flamenco.